Home Selection Process

Each year's Paint-A-Thon begins with an open-period for applications April thru June. Over 60 Nebraska agencies receive applications for individuals to pick up and fill out.Individuals can also submit applications online. Brush Up Nebraska receives some publicity from local television, radio and newspapers, and pays for some advertisements. Mid-June the application period ends. Applications are reviewed by an independent “selection committee” beginning in late June and July. Committee members come from the following organizations:

  • City of Omaha Community Development
  • Family Housing Advisory Service
  • Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging
  • Holy Name Housing Corporation
  • Catholic Charities / Juan Diego Center
  • United Way 211
  • Connections Area Agency on Aging (Council Bluffs)
  • Community volunteers

Each selected home is inspected for lead-based paint, need for repairs, size, and overall difficulty for a team that might be assigned to the house. July also begins the assignment process for matching houses to painting teams. Owners of homes that did not qualify for painting the previous year are also considered for the new year.

August is a busy month with Teams picking up supplies - tapes, tarp, masks, brushes, etc., T-Shirts, and getting ready to scrape and prep their home in advance.All teams complete their homes on Paint Day the third Saturday of August.